[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]George Cavanagh Island Events Sanibel Florida[/custom_frame_right] We offer a wide variety of lighting for your event. We specialize in lighting outdoor venues and have put up more than 100,000 feet of lighting in the last two years.

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  • Café/Market Style Lighting/ Globe String Lights – Using G50, G40 and even G30 bulbs we can light most outdoor spaces/venues. We typically suspend the globe string lights from 3/32” steel cables and secure them to trees or structures.
  • Up Lights – We have Par 64 Can LCD lights that can operate off of normal power or can be self- powered by an (8) hour rechargeable battery when you need to up light something but don’t want extension cords in the way.
  • Chandeliers – We have Chandeliers which we can hang or suspend just about anywhere you would want one to be placed.
  • Wrapping palm trees with tiny lights.